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Mental Health Booster (July 17, 2024)

Mental Health Booster (July 17, 2024)

The Mental Health Booster Session includes:

  • 2 hours of facilitated instruction in a virtual classroom.
  • an entry fee of $60 per participant.
  • an official certificate of completion.


July 17, 2024 from 11-1PM EST


Want to be your best self in relationships and confidently tackle difficult conversations in both personal and professional settings?

Join our Mental Health Booster Session!

Deepen your understanding of self-regulation, set healthy boundaries, manage triggers, and refresh your toolkit. Learn to navigate family and co-worker conflicts and address emotional and physical dysregulation.

Enhance your influence at work and in everyday life. Improve your skills in self-regulation, strengthen boundaries, manage triggers, and update your essential tools.

Gain the confidence to engage in tough conversations and handle challenging relationships with resilience and empathy.

Join a Mental Health Booster Session and elevate your mental health support capabilities today!


- Welcome and overview of the booster session
- Brief recap of Mental Health First Aid principles
- Setting the tone for a supportive and interactive learning environment

Real Self-Care Essentials or Self Regulation (THE STACK)
- Redefining self-care beyond the basics
- Practical strategies for maintaining mental well-being
- Personal reflection exercises and group sharing

The Art of Non-Judgmental Support
- Understanding the impact of judgment in mental health support
- Empathy-building exercises
- Strategies for fostering a non-judgmental mindset

Navigating Boundaries and Triggers
- Identifying and setting healthy boundaries in mental health aid
- Recognizing personal triggers and managing emotional responses
- Case studies and group discussions on challenging scenarios

Exploring New Resources
- Introduction to updated mental health resources
- Online tools, apps, and community support networks
- Recommendations for staying informed and connected

Integration and Action Planning 
- Group reflection on key takeaways
- Action planning for implementing new skills
- Sharing personal commitments to ongoing growth in mental health support

Q&A and Closing Remarks
- Addressing participant questions and concerns
- Providing additional resources for further learning
- Expressing gratitude for active participation and commitment to mental health advocacy

Instructors are certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, a non-profit organization created by the Government of Canada.

 - Our experienced instructors have a wide range of expertise in different professional fields: healthcare, military veterans, policing and even lawyers.  We have the right facilitator for you and your team.

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