About Broadmind

What Broadmind Is All About

We use evidence-based research and best practices to educate and inspire employees and leaders about mental health. We guide individuals and organizations with better understanding mental health, enhancing connection, and creating psychological safety in the workplace and at home.

  • Values

    What is in Broadmind's DNA? We base our work with clients using 5 core values: Connection, safety, diversity, respect, and fun! We believe that reliable evidence based practices are absolutely essential, but we also enjoy having fun and being quirky along this journey we call life!

  • Mission

    Broadmind is on a mission to provide mental health education to workplaces and community members. North America is in a mental health crisis. Now, more than ever, we need relevant and fun connection that instills inspiration.

  • Vision

    Broadmind's vision is to enhance mental well-being skills to propel organizations and people to be more engaged, empathetic, and connected at work and home. We also strive to bring these wellbeing skills to our community. We donate our time to community members that may not have access to employers who "get it".

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  • Sherry Lachine, Founder & Lead Facilitator

    Sherry is Broadmind’s lead course facilitator. Sherry truly LOVES supporting and connecting workplaces and communities with mental health concepts. Sherry started her career in the military as an engineer. In 2016 Sherry became a mental health professional after completing a Masters of Science in Applied Psychology. Sherry is also a certified advisor on the Workplace Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.

  • Monica Valsangkar-Smyth, Research Advisor

    Monica provides information and expertise to ensure Broadmind's material is current, evidence-based, and vibrant. Monika is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor for Queen’s University. Monica instructs courses in biopsychology and human neuropsychology. Monica is a military spouse and mom to three amazing children.

  • Sam Peprah, Client Care Manager & Social Media Manager

    Sam is Broadmind's client care and social media manager. Sam provides exceptional customer service support to make sure that every course is organized and operating efficiently and effortlessly while ensuring that every client's questions and comments are heard and answered. Sam also produces engaging and compelling content for our social media channels. Sam is a mental health advocate and also an aspiring entrepreneur.

  • Madi Clarke, Content Creator & Business Development Specialist

    Madi assists with the delivery of course material, strategic planning, and content creation. Madi is a Mental Performance Consultant and professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. Madi assists the University of Arizona's Sleep and Health Research program with studies focused on sleep and athlete performance. Madi is a former track and field athlete, and advocate for sport, physical activity, the outdoors, and mental health!

  • Kate Smith, Dietician & Facilitator

    Kate has a bachelor's and master's degree in education. She graduated with distinction from the United States Air Force Intelligence Weapons Instructor Course and is now a certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and a certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner. Kate worked for many years as a United States Air Force Intelligence Analyst and instructor. Kate is also a military spouse of 25+ years, a mother of two, and has deployed around the globe.

  • Brian Knowler, Facilitator

    Brian is a veteran police officer and retired lawyer. Brian offers training on various aspects of mental health and leadership for public safety agencies, corporations, government agencies, and educational institutes. 

    Brian has published two books based on his experiences with trauma and leadership: On the Other Side of Broken – One Cop’s Battle With The Demons of PTSD (2016) and Career Suicide is Overrated (2018 and re-released in 2021). Brian also launched the Capital-L leadership training program.

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    Kingston Community Health Centre

    Broadmind has joined forces with Kingston Community Health Centre to offer free workshops to members of the community. These workshops include Mental Health First Aid Certification and One-Hour Sessions.

    Click here for more information!

    Interested in learning more about Mental Health First Aid?