Mental Health First Aid

    What is Mental Health First Aid?

    In today's society, while most are familiar in the realm of physical health, mental health and substance use issues often remain a mystery. This knowledge gap can create fear and negative perceptions towards individuals dealing with these challenges. Consequently, many hesitate to seek help when needed and may struggle to offer support to others in similar situations.

    Enter Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) - an evidence-based program designed to bridge this gap by empowering individuals to recognize, understand, and respond effectively to mental health and substance use crises. By participating in MHFA training, individuals not only gain valuable skills for supporting others but also benefit personally in multiple ways.

    Course Outline

    Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) involves providing support to individuals experiencing a deterioration in their mental well-being or facing a mental health or substance use crisis. In this course, participants will learn how to:

    • Identify signs indicating a decline in mental well-being or a mental health/substance use crisis in others.
    • Encourage open conversations about mental health struggles, discuss available support options, and enable others to seek out help when needed.
    • Provide assistance during a mental health or substance use crisis.
    • Utilize MHFA techniques to maintain and enhance one's own mental well-being.

    Module 1: Self-Guided (2 Hours): A foundational module designed to introduce essential MHFA actions.
    Module 2: Live Training (3.5 hours): Focuses on practical application of MHFA actions in scenarios involving declining mental well-being, tailored for diverse audiences.
    Module 3: Live Training (3.5 hours): Enhances crisis management skills and emphasizes the importance of self-care.

    • Step 1: Sign Up Your Team

      • Select your preferred virtual or in-person training date.
      • Choose either a full day of training (7.5 Hours) or 2 half days (3.5 Hours).
    • Step 2: Pre-Course Preparation

      Complete a self-directed online
      module (Module 1) within two weeks from the start of your live training session.
      (approximately 2 hours)

    • Step 3: Live Training Session

      Participate in a live classroom session (Modules 2&3) with a certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor.

      (Two sessions, 3.5 hours each)

    *Amount of participants required per session*

    Online Sessions: 8 to 15 participants.
    Face-to-Face Sessions: 8 to 25 participants.

    Certificate Awarded Upon Successful Completion

    As a trained and certified Mental Health First Aider, you'll receive official certification from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

    The certification is acknowledged in 20 countries worldwide.

    • Tessah MacDowall

      In 3 modules, one self directed and the other two kept to 3-hours in length including breaks. It was a safe space and I felt comfortable. Sherry, the instructor, was amazing. She was so great at keeping us engaged and had so much knowledge and experience to share. She went above and beyond to make the course a great experience. Can't wait to be able to put my skills into practice!

    • Kim Nelson

      I thought the course content was relevant to the current social climate surrounding Mental Health. Addressing the stigma surrounding mental health and teaching people how to approach someone who could be in crisis with the ALGEES techniques will raise much needed awareness with this formal training. I think every employer and employee should take this training!

    • Jennifer Bishop

      This course was by far the BEST course I have ever taken. The instructor was amazing and engaged our team. The day went by so quickly and I never felt bored or unengaged. Dan is an amazing instructor, he is well organized and knows a lot about mental health. He approaches teaching in a way that is exciting and makes you understand what your role is to help staff and others.

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