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Mental Health First Aid (Virtual) - September 18, 2024

Mental Health First Aid (Virtual) - September 18, 2024

The Mental Health First Aid certification course is an evidence-based program that provides people with tools to assist others experiencing a mental illness or mental health problem. 

The MHFA training includes: 

  • 2 hours of independent study (Self-directed online Module).
  • 7 hours of facilitated instruction in a virtual classroom.
  • An entry fee of $100 per participant.

Participants leave with:

  • A better understanding of mental health.
  • Increased confidence providing support to others. 
  • Improved mental health for the participant. 

Instructors are certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, a non-profit organization created by the Government of Canada.

 - Our experienced instructors have a wide range of expertise in different professional fields: healthcare, military veterans, policing and even lawyers.  We have the right facilitator for you and your team.

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