• Mental Health First Aid

      Equip yourself to better support colleagues and loved ones. Get Mental Health First Aid Certified today. We offer virtual and in person courses.

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    • Mental Health Booster

      Time to go Beyond the Basics: Dive deeper into Mental Health, Self-Regulation, Boundaries, Triggers, and more!

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    • The Working Mind

      The Working Mind (TWM) is a evidence-based program aimed at changing how you perceive and respond to mental health, providing practical skills to reduce workplace stigma.

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    • Mental Health Webinars

      Looking to strengthen your team? Book one of our one-hour live or virtual courses for an engaging and interactive mental health training session with your colleagues.

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    • Speaking Engagement

      Whether it's a conference or workshop setting of 25+ participants, we provide valuable insight and perspectives on mental health and wellness in the workplace.

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    • Consultation

      Unsure of where to begin? Look no further! We develop customized mental health courses to meet the unique needs of your organization. Schedule a free consultation today!

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    Mental Health First Aid

    The MHFA certification is an evidence-based program that provides people with tools to assist others experiencing a mental illness or mental health problem. 

    Participants leave with...

    • A better understanding of mental health.
    • Increased confidence providing support to others. 
    • Improved mental health for the participant. 

     The MHFA training includes: 

    • Virtual and in-person options with 8-15 participants
    • Two hours of independent study
    • Six hours of facilitated instruction 

    Instructors are certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, a non-profit organization created by the Government of Canada. 

    Live Courses for Your Business / Organization

    Is your business new to mental health training? Are you looking for more training after Mental Health First Aid? The purpose of the live courses is to engage individuals by increasing connections and improving resilience.

    Check out our one hour sessions listed below!

    • Navigating Boundaries and Triggers (New)

      Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of boundaries and triggers in mental health support.

      Learn about:

      • The importance of setting clear boundaries
      • How to identify personal triggers
      • Strategies for dealing with challenging triggers
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    • The Basics of Mental Health

      In this session, we'll talk about the fundamentals of mental health, and introduce skills that will help us understand and maintain our mental well-being.

      Learn about:

      • The mental health thermometer
      • The stress response
      • Mental health resources.
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    • Nutrition to Improve Mental Health

      This course discusses the intersection of nutrition and mental health.

      Learn about:

      • Relationship between diet and mind
      • Enhancing mental fitness levels
      • How to use food as a tool
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    • Mental Health Skills to Practice

      In this session, we dive deeper into the skills that will help you toward your mental fitness goals by focusing on three key themes.

      Learn about:

      • Breathing techniques
      • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
      • Sleep and Behaviour Change
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    • Qualities and Practices of Great Teams

      Teamwork makes the dream work!

      Learn about:

      • Enhancing chemistry and unity amongst teammates
      • Characteristics of resilient teams
      • Reflect and discuss on your team's qualities and actions
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    • Resilience Boost: Stress and Trauma

      This session will help us understand how our reactions are affected by different degrees of adversity, as well provide skills
      that can act against it in both daily life and at work!

      Learn about:

      • Physical and psychological reactions to adversity
      • Stress reactions
      • "Big" trauma vs. "Small" trauma
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    • Skills to Prevent and Recover From Burnout

      Burnout is now becoming very common for many.

      Learn about:

      • What exactly is burnout?
      • Contributing factors
      • Skills to prevent and protect you and others from burning out
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    • Suicide Awareness and Support

      Did you know that every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide?

      Learn how to:

      • Recognize the signs and symptoms of thoughts of suicide
      • Support someone thinking of suicide
      • Find appropriate resources to support others
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    • Empathy Skills: Enhancing Mental Wellbeing

      Empathy is key for connection.

      Learn about:

      • What is empathy?
      • Skills to practice empathy
      • Creating empathetic workplaces
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    • Sleep Health 101

      Sleep can impact our daily activities, mood, and overall health.

      Learn about:

      • Sleep health
      • Sleep and external influences
      • Sleep and internal influences
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    • Design your own course

      Don't see a course that suits your organization's needs? That's ok! Book a consultation with us and we can design a course that fits your business's unique circumstances.

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    Speaking Engagement

    Let us inspire and inform your group. Whether it's a conference or workshop setting, we provide valuable insight, tools and perspectives on mental health and wellness in the workplace. Change the culture one discussion at a time.

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